Wine Blending Workshop @ Edward Street

から AUD AU$135.00
  • 期間: 90 分 (約)
  • 所在地: Brisbane, QLD
  • 製品コード: WBWEW

You will work with the Winemaker or knowledgeable staff to blend up their own bottle of wine. You will learn about the various elements that goes into blending a bottle of wine, things like whole bunch, pressings and half-whole bunch and the art of getting the mix right.  

You will get to bottle and seal your own unique blend, label it, have it signed by the winemaker! 

A fun, yet informative session that combines wine tasting with wine making principles.  

You can purchase wine at the end of the tasting or join other programs. 

Light snacks included.  

Allow 90-120 minutes.  

Min group size is 2 people.

Open: Monday - Saturday

11am -7pm Monday - Thursday

11am - 8pm Friday and Saturday

Address: 162 Edward Street, Brisbane.